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Date for Vietnam visa

My visa date of propose arrival is March 15 can i arrive in Vietnam before that date?
Vietnam visa questions & answers

Vietnam visa lasting

I'm a US citizen living in Hong Kong and I need to know how long I can stay in Vietnam after getting a visa on the airport?
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

How to get a Vietnam visa on arrival

It is very simple to get a visa on arrival to Vietnam. Just following the below steps, you will find this way of visa application very convenient.
Vietnam visa application from Hong Kong

Vietnam visa on arrival vs. visa at Vietnam Embassy

In addition to the traditional way of getting a visa at Vietnam Embassy, there is currently one more option available which is to apply for a visa on arrival (visa picked up at Vietnam International Airports).
Vietnam visa application from Hong Kong - HK

Legal base for visa on arrival

Today, with the open policy of the Government to welcome more and more foreign tourists, foreigners may find it much easier to obtain a visa to Vietnam since there are currently 2 options to go about this matter.
Cost for Vietnam visa on arrival -Vietnam visa application from Hong Kong

Vietnam visa fee

In case you use the visa on arrival to Vietnam, you are required to pay two kinds of fee which are service fee and stamping fee.