Rough Guides: Best tour itinerary in Vietnam

Those who wish to plan itinerary for next backpacking trip to Vietnam, Rough Guides will help to customize an ideal one to discover the most highlighted destinations in Vietnam.
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Arrival date for Vietnam visa

Hi there. I have a question. If I apply for Vietnam visa for the arrival date on October 28, but then my plan changes, and I will arrival in Vietnam later than that date. Can I do so? Thanks
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Vietnam visa for Pakistani in Hong Kong

I am planning to visit Vietnam in November 2015 for 1 week, I'm Pakistani and living and working in Hong Kong. I want to know what's the fees and documents required?
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Application for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

We would like to apply for 2 1-month single entry visas. But I have one question. One of us is holding HK passport, so visa on arrival is available. But the other is holding Austria passport. Is visa on arrival available for him?
Ho Citadel in Thanh Hoa - Vietnam online visa service

Ho Citadel - the most unlikely UNESCO site

CNN has recently released the list of 21 greatest World Heritage Sites on the planet, and it is the central Ho Dynasty Citadel of Vietnam that topped the list.