Vietnam visa questions

Change Arrival airport to get Vietnam visa

We have asked approval letter for VISA entering into Vietnan at Da Nang Airport, but we are checking the flights and have realized that it is really complicate to get a flight from Bangkok to Da Nang, there is no a lot of flights, I mean, we don't find a direct flight, could we change "arrival airport".
Vietnam visa questions

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

I have received my approval letter for entering Vietnam, however, the letter also mentions 8 other people that aren't in my group. Is this correct.
need a Vietnam visa or not

Vietnam visa for tourism

For citizens of Belarus for a stay of 15 days it seems that visa is not necessary while for Indian citizens visa on arrival is required. Can you please confirm and suggest the best way to proceed to get the visa?
Vietnam visa questions

Vietnam Visa Requirement for US and Indian citizens on cruise to Vietnam

Hi. We are planning to visit Hue/ Danang (Chan May) by cruise. It starts from Hong Kong and we will go to Hue/ Danang (Chan May) from a day. I would like to know if Indian and US citizens need to apply for visa? Do we apply for visa online?
Vietnam visa questions

Vietnam Visa for person holding Hong King passport by cruise

All questions above talked about visa issues if traveled by air. What about by cruise (through ocean ship)? I plan to take a cruise departing Hong Kong through a China port to a Vietnam port. Can I apply similar Vietnam visa on arrival like the one taking by air?
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Personal data disclosure on Vietnam Visa approval letter

I’m in Hong Kong, and I have a question. If I submit the visa online to you, will you group with other applicants and send a mass email upon the approval letter is ready? I am concerned about my personal data being disclosed in such way.
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong Citizens for Border Crossing

Next September my wife and I hope to enter Vietnam by crossing the land boarder from China at Hekou. Could you please tell me the best way to get a visa for entering Vietnam? We are Hong Kong and will be staying Vietnam for less than 10 days.
Vietnam visa questions & answers

Vietnam Visa for Entering on a Cruise Ship

I hold a Hong Kong passport and going to arrive in Vietnam on board of cruise ship. Can I get visa on arrival for Vietnam? I will only do day trips from ship.
Vietnam Visa Requirements Hong Kong

Vietnam Visa Requirements in Hong Kong

My husband and I are flying to Da Nang airport from HK International airport, on next Wednesday 6th April, for five days only. We currently live in Hong Kong, he is a United Kingdom passport holder and I am an Australian passport holder. Do we need visas to enter Vietnam? Many thanks.

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