Vietnam visa questions & answers

Application for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

We would like to apply for 2 1-month single entry visas. But I have one question. One of us is holding HK passport, so visa on arrival is available. But the other is holding Austria passport. Is visa on arrival available for him?
Vietnam visa questions & answers

About stamping fee for Vietnam visa on arrival

Hello, I have one question. Can I pay the stamping fee in the…
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

Multiple entry visa for Vietnam

I wish to enter Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh .. then fly to Laos and re enter Vietnam In Hanoi. Is it possible to get a multiple entry visa.

Hong Kong passport holder apply Vietnam visa online

Hong Kong Passport holder go to Vietnam can apply Vietnam visa online ? or Vietnam visa on arrival ?
UK citizen apply online Vietnam visa from Hong Kong

UK citizen apply for Vietnam Visa from Hong Kong

Hi! I hold UK passport and currently living in Hong Kong. How can I apply for Vietnam visa from Hong Kong?
Visa for Vietnam - Visa to Vietnam

Date for Vietnam visa

My visa date of propose arrival is March 15 can i arrive in Vietnam before that date?
Vietnam visa questions & answers

Vietnam visa lasting

I'm a US citizen living in Hong Kong and I need to know how long I can stay in Vietnam after getting a visa on the airport?

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