Kindly read on frequently asked questions related to Vietnam visa, especially Visa from Hong Kong before ask way.


Top Vietnam Caves to explore for Hongkong citizens

Vietnam has been an interesting and attractive country for foreigners recently. There are many things to do and discover in the country. For people who love adventure and exploration, visit Vietnam Caves is one of the best choices. Below are top 3 well-known caves that you shouldn’t miss when having a chance to travel to Vietnam.

Teaching English in Vietnam - What Fillipinos should know

When teaching English in Vietnam, which certification that Filipino may need? How to get a visa to Vietnam for Filipino passport holders?

Top Vietnam attractions for Hongkongese

Vietnam is a country with breathtaking natural beauty with many…

Where to find Vietnam Visa Application Form in Hongkong?

This post addresses 2 methods to get Vietnam Visa Application Form: Through Internet or Through Vietnam Consulate/ Vietnam Embassy in Hongkong.

4 things that Hongkong citizens should know before travelling to Vietnam

If you re travelling to Vietnam in the next days and you re Hongkong citizen, make sure you already know these things below!
No Vietnam visa required for 5 European nationalities in HongKong

Extended exemption of Vietnam visa for 5 Western European nationalities in Hongkong

Uk, Spanish, French, Italian and German passport holders continues getting 15-day Vietnam visa exemption until June 2018. Read conditions here.
Vietnam visa questions

Do Hong Kong citizen need Vietnam visa?

Hi. I'm HongKong passport holder, and I'm traveling to your country…
vietnam visa for Australians in Hongkong

Vietnam visa for Australians in HongKong

I'm Australian but currently working in HongKong. I am going to Vietnam in this July. Can I apply for Vietnam visa on arrival here or Do I need to back to my Australia to apply for the visa. Please advise.
Vietnam E-visa for Hong Kong

Is E-visa for Vietnam available for Hong Kong travelers

Vietnam e-visa for Hong Kong passport holders – Yes or No At…
Important remarks for Vietnam visa

Various types of Vietnam visa for US passport holders available again

As being informed by the Vietnam Immigration Department on December 14, 2016 that from December 15, 2016, US passport holders can apply for any types of Vietnam visa available online for others.
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

Hong Kong passport holders – who can and cannot obtain Vietnam visa on arrival

Hong Kong citizens traveling to Vietnam by air CAN apply for visa on arrival to Vietnam and otherwise they should obtain it via the embassy.
Get vietnam visa for Australians

Guide to Vietnam visa for Australians in Hong Kong

Like obtaining Vietnam visa for Hong Kong, there are two ways at the moment to obtain a Vietnam visa for Australians, regardless of where they are