Vietnam E-visa for Hong Kong

Is E-visa for Vietnam available for Hong Kong travelers

Vietnam e-visa for Hong Kong passport holders – Yes or No At…
Important remarks for Vietnam visa

Various types of Vietnam visa for US passport holders available again

As being informed by the Vietnam Immigration Department on December 14, 2016 that from December 15, 2016, US passport holders can apply for any types of Vietnam visa available online for others.
Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from Hong Kong HK

Hong Kong passport holders – who can and cannot obtain Vietnam visa on arrival

Hong Kong citizens traveling to Vietnam by air CAN apply for visa on arrival to Vietnam and otherwise they should obtain it via the embassy.
Get vietnam visa for Australians

Guide to Vietnam visa for Australians in Hong Kong

Like obtaining Vietnam visa for Hong Kong, there are two ways at the moment to obtain a Vietnam visa for Australians, regardless of where they are
Vietnam visa free

Single Case of No Visa Requirement for Hong Kong citizens to Vietnam

You are Hong Kong passport holder and you are wondering whether a visa is required for you to visit Vietnam and in which case you do not need it. You may find the answer below in this post.
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Vietnam Visa fee in Hong Kong in November 2016

November is coming and perhaps many travelers from Hong Kong…
Vietnam visa application online - Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa for Hong Kong Passport holders in Belgium

Hi. I'm Hongkong passport holders, and I am going to Vietnam in June 2017. Can you explain me the best way to obtain my Vietnam visa. I'm in Belgium now. Thank you.
Vietnam visa for US passport holders

Update 2016: Vietnam Visa For US passport Holders in Hong Kong

From August 30, 2016, all US citizens to Vietnam must obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa regardless of their length of stay in Vietnam. This
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Hong Kong Citizens Can Apply for 1-year Vietnam Visa online Now

We take a great honor to announce that we – specialized in Vietnam visa in Hong Kong now can process visa on arrival to Vietnam for Hong Kong citizens and others valid for up to 1 year.