Vietnam visa Hong Kong

Apply for Vietnam visa for Hong Kong passport holders living abroad

As a Hong Kong passport holder, you have two options to get a visa for Vietnam no matter where you are.
Vietnam visa for Uk Passport holders

Vietnam Visa Guide for UK Citizens in Hong Kong

And like Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens, a Vietnam visa for UK passport holders in Hong Kong can be obtained in either of the two following ways.
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Apply Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong Passport Holders traveling to Vietnam by Bus

For Hong Kong citizens who get to Vietnam by bus, there is one way available for them which is to obtain a visa via Vietnam Embassy.
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Information you should know about Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong Passport holders

All holders of Hong Kong passports need a visa stamp or pre-approval visa letter before entering Vietnam.
Tips for Vietnam visa in Hong Kong

3 Tips to Save Money for Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong Citizens

Currently, besides traditional way of getting visa at Vietnam…
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Must-know Information about Vietnam visa for first-time Hong Kong Travelers

This is your very first time to Vietnam and you don’t know how to get a Vietnam visa? You can find all information you need her
Vietnam visa questions & answers can Process 3-month Multiple Entry Visa for Vietnam in Hong Kong

At the moment, application for 3-month multiple entry visa for Vietnam has been made a little bit different, and not all online travel agents can process this kind of Vietnam visa. But can and can do it in simple way.
Total cost of Vietnam visa on arrival - vietnam visa applied online

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is Cheaper than Vietnam Embassy Visa

Total cost of getting a visa on arrival to Vietnam is maybe higher or lower than cost of obtaining a visa at Vietnam Embassy. But while applying for visa on arrival requires you no travel at all, applying for visa at embassy requires you to travel forth and back from the embassy to submit your application documents as well as to pick up visa, that fact perhaps make total cost of obtaining a full visa at embassy much costly.
Getting Vietnam visa on arrival

Get Vietnam Visa Fast in Australia

Getting Vietnam visa for Australians has been made much simpler for travelers. But how to obtain a Vietnam visa at the fastest manner is an issue.