Tips for Vietnam visa in Hong Kong

3 Tips to Save Money for Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong Citizens

Currently, besides traditional way of getting visa at Vietnam embassy, Hong Kong travelers also can apply online for visa approval letter to pick up full visa upon arrival at airport (also known as Vietnam visa on arrival).  For these ways, what are tips to obtain a Vietnam visa for Hong Kong at a low cost? The answer can be found here.

Tip 1. Choosing visa on arrival if traveling to Vietnam by air

Here we will make a comparison about fee of the two ways for visa application.

To obtain a full visa on arrival, you, as a Hong Kong citizen, need to pay two kinds of fee: service fee and stamping fee. It is around US $46 for a 1-month single entry visa. And there is no extra fee added to these two fees. Its full fees can be found at:

To apply Vietnam visa via embassy, you have to visit Vietnam Embassy in your country, submit required documents to get your visa within 3-5 days. It means that you must to visit the Vietnam Embassy at least twice. While the fee charged by the embassy is unknown (as it is not published by the embassy), adding such travel cost to that will surely make total cost of visa via embassy much higher than total cost of visa on arrival.

Tip 2: Defining a good arrival date to fill in your application form

You should notice that a Vietnam-visa starts and ends on fixed days as specified in the application form. For example, if you apply one month visa, but you enter two weeks late, so you just have only two weeks left and you cannot stay one month as you expect. In this case, you have to extent or renew your Vietnam visa to stay longer and the fee for visa extension and renewal are not cheap.

In other case, if you want enter Vietnam before your granted arrival date, you are not allowed. In this case, you need to apply for a new visa. It is a waste of money.

Tip 3: Defining which types of visa you want

If you decide to enter Vietnam, then leave for other country and then come back Vietnam, you should apply multiple entry Vietnam visa. The reason is the fee for multiple entry visa is cheaper than the fee for visa extension or renewal.

In the other hand, if you only want to visit and leave Vietnam for other country without coming back in a certain period of time, the single entry is best choice to save your cost.