6 easy ways to find perfect apartment for rent in Hanoi

Whether you are a student studying far from home or a professional moving for a new job, it may take you a lot of time and a great effort to seek a perfect renting apartment. Once you define your budget affordability, living style and local market, it’s time to kick off the hunt. There are various ways to find available apartments for rent in Hanoi, check out some below tactics of how to find your best deal.

1. Contact a reputable real estate agent

Looking for an apartment in a small town can be successful without the assistance of a professional company; nevertheless, you may need a hand to do this in a crowded city like Hanoi. With fierce competition in the big city, an agent can help you ease stress and give plentiful sources in searching for work. Among a lot of housing agents in Hanoi, Alpha Housing has been known for its expertise and confidence in helping expats find apartments for rent. It’s great that you’re not charged for any fees when you request us to find and rent an apartment. A detailed draft of your ideal apartment is the only needful document and all you need to do is waiting for us to come back with some prospects.

2. Go online

The Internet is a huge resource that you should make use of. A click on Google will bring about hundreds of results comprise property e-commerce websites and online forums. On these websites, you can have a list of qualified apartments attached with pictures and videos based on your search criteria: location, price range, number of rooms, etc. Social channels like Facebook are also an effective tool. For big cities like Hanoi, there are groups of apartment landlords in which they post information of empty apartments for rent public to all members.

3. Read the newspaper

Even though it is not really common in Vietnam nowadays, you still can find some good options in the back of paper from owners who don’t have digital know-how. These kinds of advertised apartments are usually large and suitable for family tenants.

4. Spread the news to your network

In addition to handling on your own by social communication means, call for help from your acquaintances. It’s lucky if you have a friend or relative in Hanoi so that they could assist you to look for a unit. Take chance to tell everyone that you are looking for a new place, even when your friend doesn’t have any leads, it doesn’t mean that friends of your friend don’t have.

5. Go on-site

By taking a walk or drive around your preferred areas, you may also find many ideal apartments. Most vacant apartments are posted on the building billboard with contact number of the landlord, so you can save and make a call if you are interested in. At some building complexes, they hang “For rent” poster right in front of the building or stick notice on the lobby signboard to attract potential renters. If you are lucky enough, you can even talk to advisors on spot and take a visit to the apartment. This way will take time a bit but give you a high chance in return, which is worth a try.

6. Post an ad on the Internet

In parallel with searching for advertised apartments on the Internet, you can create your own advert of your needs, too. Many websites allow you to have a free account so that you can make your demand reached by the landlord. On one hand, remember to list down all your needs and wishes together with your contact information. On the other hand, be careful about sharing your personal information and delete the post once you find your perfect apartment, otherwise you will receive annoying calls and emails from strangers. You should take into account of scams by using this way, too. There are people initiatively call you and say that they can give you good apartments at an attractive price but you must transfer them a commission amount first. Stay awake in these situations!

Looking for an apartment for rent is sometimes exhausting and frustrating, but with recommended above tips, you totally can manage the game and quickly find your dream home either by yourself or by others’ support.