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6 easy ways to find perfect apartment for rent in Hanoi

Whether you are a student studying far from home or a professional…
Must-know tips for Vietnam travel from Hong Kong

Must-know tips for Vietnam traveling from Hong Kong

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7 Vietnam monuments recognized by UNESCO as World Heritages - Vietnam visa

7 monuments in Vietnam recognized by UNESCO as World Heritages attracting many tourists

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The number of Hong Kong citizens coming to Vietnam has been remarkably…
Little Sapa Homestay Vietnam visa

Top 3 homestays in Sapa that New Zealand citizens will never want to miss

Staying in a homestay in Sapa is an interesting way for you to know more about this destination as well as the people here. With our information, we hope you can have more choices to choose the most suitable accommodation to stay when you are in Sapa.

Top Vietnam Caves to explore for Hongkong citizens

Vietnam has been an interesting and attractive country for foreigners recently. There are many things to do and discover in the country. For people who love adventure and exploration, visit Vietnam Caves is one of the best choices. Below are top 3 well-known caves that you shouldn’t miss when having a chance to travel to Vietnam.

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4 things that Hongkong citizens should know before travelling to Vietnam

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House versus Apartment in Hanoi - Understand the differences before making your first move

It may be difficult decide whether a house or an apartment is the best choice if you do not understand the variations clearly. Understanding the differences on house versus apartment is, therefore, important in making your first move.