Vietnam visa for US passport holders

Update 2016: Vietnam Visa For US passport Holders in Hong Kong

Vietnam visa for US passport holdersThis is important notice regarding Vietnam-Visa for US passport holders in Hong Kong in particular and all around the world in general that from August 30, 2016, all US citizens to Vietnam must obtain a 1-year multiple entry visa regardless of their length of stay in Vietnam. This is the single option for visa type for US travelers to Vietnam now. Entry into force of this policy then means others visa types consisting of 1-month single/multiple entry visa, 3-month single/multiple entry visa and 6-month multiple entry visa are no longer available.

About Visa Fee for US passport holders from August 30, 2016

As at the moment, US travelers may have two ways to obtain a Vietnam visa as follows:

  1. Apply via the local embassy; OR
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

If the former option is selected, the visa fee is governed by the embassy itself and it could vary from one to one, ranging from US$200 to US$250. In case the latter is selected, the US travelers are required to pay US$135 as stamping fee at the airport, plus a service fee applied by the local travel agent, ranging from US$40 to US$100 depending on purpose of visit, tourist or business.


Important remarks for Vietnam visa– This policy is for US PASSPORT HOLDERS ONLY. Vietnam visa for others, including Vietnam visa for Hong Kong remains unchanged.

– Maximum of one stay in Vietnam of US travelers during that 1 year is 3 months. It means that US travelers must leave Vietnam after every 3 months in Vietnam and then come back if they wish, and repeat until the end of their visa.

Should you need any further information regarding this policy or others, feel free to contact us.