4 things that Hongkong citizens should know before travelling to Vietnam

Vietnam has attracted many tourists from other countries for recent years, especially citizens of Hong Kong. The rate of visitors from Hong Kong has been increasing rapidly day by day. But what do Hong Kong citizens need to know when they want to visit Vietnam? Here are four main things that you should know better to prepare a trip to Vietnam. Therefore, you will surely have an unforgettable experience in this beautiful country.

 Applying Vietnam Visa in Hongkong before travelling to Vietnam

It is compulsory for all Hong Kong passport holders to take a leisure trip irrespective of their stay in Vietnam to have a Vietnam travel visa. Nowadays, obtaining a Vietnam Visa on Arrival is quite convenient, simple, fast-processing and time-saving. Visitors will need to register online before receiving the Visa Approval Letter and then get visa stamped upon arrival at the Vietnam Airport. The next step is printing the online Vietnam Visa Application Form and filling out. Remember to prepare two recent passport photos.  Hong Kong citizens who have Vietnam tourist visa are allowed to enter Vietnam at any of the 5 international airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City.

2nd thing to know – Exchange & use of the unit of currency before travelling to Vietnam

The second thing you need to know is how to exchange and use the unit of currency. US Dollars and Vietnamese Dong are both needed currency for travelling around Vietnam. Vietnamese Dong is the currency of Vietnam. It is used to paid for all of the things in Vietnam such as restaurants, bars, shops and market stalls. You can exchange Dong at any banks in the country or withdraw Dong from an ATM on arrival but make sure you’re armed with USD to pay for that visa. In addition, US dollars are commonly used in Vietnam. You can use US dollars for anything touristy e.g. booking a tour, booking domestic transport or paying for a hotel but usually Dollar is acceptable in prestigious places. If you have a choice between paying in Dong or Dollars, Dong usually works out cheaper.



Busy Streets in Hanoi

3rd thing to know – Place to stay before travelling to Vietnam

The third one is to decide a place to stay in. Booking your first couple of nights is a reasonable idea if you haven’t travelled much in Asia before. You may have a culture shock when arriving in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. The streets are full of activities; moreover, there isn’t a great deal of tourist information to guide you through. In this way, you can reach your final destination as soon as you complete visa-gate. There are many places you can stay in Vietnam with low cost such as dorms which are quite cheap (approximate $10 per night; private rooms cost about $35 per night). If staying at a dorm, you can be offered shared dorms for an even cheaper rate. Besides, hostel is also an ideal place to stay for tourists. Most of the Vietnam hotels are private air-condition rooms which are clean, extremely well located and not expensive at all.


Finally, transportation  is the necessary thing you should find out. There are many vehicles for you to go from place to place in Vietnam. Taxi Services is very common in most of the countries all around the world and so does in Vietnam. There are official taxi companies in all major cities, all of which use a fair meter system. There are many taxi drivers park up around tourist points of interest. If you travel a short distance, taking a taxi is the great choice because of its fast and comfort. Moreover, buses are awesome for visitors if you’re planning to explore things from city to city and are on a budget and this is also one of the convenient vehicles in Vietnam. The individual seats are more like beds allowing you to extend your legs fully and lie down. The fee is almost US $12 per journey. Most sleeper buses are very clean and have a toilet on board. So sometimes it seems that traveling by sleeper buses can obviously help you from spend money on a hotel for the night and ensures you don’t have to waste your days in transit.

Vietnam is a fascinating country and it’s not hard for Hong Kong citizens to travel. Four directs above are the basic points for Hongkong citizens who plan to come to Vietnam. Knowing them, your trip will be well prepared in a faster and easier way so that you will be a savviest traveler and have a great time in Vietnam.

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