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Best Places to Travel Solo – Voted by You

As said by the UK’s based Roughguides, solo travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there. But where is the best place to travel alone? As said, the last-year list of best places for solo travelers was made by its authors themselves, but this year, the left the voting for travelers. And here is the result.

1. Vietnam

Rice terrace of Vietnam - Vietnam visa in Hong Kong

You’re bound for an interesting experience no matter how or where you travel in Vietnam, and journeying alone is one of the most rewarding ways to explore this beguiling country. From the noodles to the night buses, there are hundreds of experiences you’ll never forget throughout Vietnam, whether you’re exploring the lovely long coastline or trekking through remote villages and meeting the hill tribes.

2. Ireland

Travel in Ireland - Vietnam visa HK

This little island on the edge of Europe has so much charm and such friendly people that it’s the ideal place to travel solo; you’ll find it nearly impossible not to make friends with the locals. From the Giant’s Causeway on Northern Ireland’s rugged coastline, to the rolling green countryside of rural southern Ireland, it’s also a beautiful place to explore. Scale Skellig Michael if you’re a Star Wars fan (the final scene of the latest movie was shot on this special little piece of rock), or head to Belfast to see a city reborn.

3. Thailand

Temples in Thailand - Vietnam Visa Hongkong

Visiting Thailand has become something of a rite of passage for many young travelers in Southeast Asia, and it’s little surprise you voted it near the top of this list. The country’s tourist trail is well and truly trodden, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer a great destination (or that you can’t get off the beaten track). Thailand has it all: fresh, zingy food; pristine beaches; desert islands; opulent temples; and friendly, ultra-hospitable people.

4. Singapore

Singapore travel - Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong

This small city state isn’t always an obvious first choice for travelers, and many pass through en route to more popular destinations like the Philippines or Thailand (spoiler alert: Thailand’s up next). But stay a while and Singapore will capture your attention, from its shiny high-rise buildings in the city to the outlying islands with their thick forests and sandy beaches.

5. Australia

beach in Australia

A classic backpacker destination, Australia is a solo traveler’s dream. You could spend months (if not years) exploring this diverse country, whether you’re drawn to its cool cities, famous beaches or even to the stark beauty of the Red Centre. And when Bondi Beach looks like this in summer, it’ll be nigh-on impossible not to make friends along the way.

6. Cambodia


This land of temples and sleepy towns is one of the most welcoming in Southeast Asia for a solo traveller. Cambodia has plenty to offer when it comes to traditional sights, too, from sacred ruins to a coastline littered with pretty coves, not to mention the gorgeous islands flung off the mainland. Head to the capital for riverfront rooftop bars, and chill out in Battambang when you tire of temples.

7. Spain


Spain solves the solo foodie traveler’s ultimate dilemma: while in many countries, eating alone in restaurants means just trying one dish, tapas means you’ve got an excuse to order at least three different things – right? Beyond the cuisine – a highlight for any visitor – the other great advantage to going solo in Spain is how easy it is to get around using the country’s rail and bus networks. Plus there are some brilliant backpacker hostels for meeting fellow travelers.

8. Nepal


It’s probably not hyperbole to say Nepal‘s people are some of the world’s friendliest, which is why it’s such an excellent destination for a solo trip. The country was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2015, which destroyed many historic temples and sights, but tourism goes on and travelers’ dollars are helping rebuild the country’s economy.

9. New Zealand


It’s no surprise that New Zealand appears on this list. The country has been a favorite of solo travelers for generations, offering easy exploration and plenty of opportunities for meeting people. Whether you’re after good wine and sublime food, or landscapes that could captivate you for hours, there’s something for everyone here. If you’re planning a trip, here are our top tips for backpacking New Zealand.

10. Ethiopia


Ethiopia might not usually feature in backpackers’ top tens, but the country is a truly rewarding place for travel of any kind, especially travelling solo. There’s no doubt that getting around can be a challenge – transport infrastructure is basic and roads can be bad – but the kind people, fascinating historic sights and gorgeous landscapes make it all worth the effort. If you’re willing to take the leap, Ethiopia offers a true adventure.

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