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Personal data disclosure on Vietnam Visa approval letter

I’m in Hong Kong, and I have a question. If I submit the visa online to you, will you group with other applicants and send a mass email upon the approval letter is ready? I am concerned about my personal data being disclosed in such way.

What can I do to prevent such disclosure apart from heading to the consulate in person? Thanks!

Dear Coco,

Please be informed that we are not the one who group your application with others, but Vietnam Immigration Department. This Department often processes visa applications submitted to them at the same time.

However, we can take our part in this process. In case you need a private Vietnam visa approval letter, we may request the Vietnam Immigration Department to do so for you. And to do so, please email us or call us to request for private letter right after you submit the visa application to us.

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Should you need any assistance or information, please feel free to let us know.

Kind regards,