How much a Hong Kong citizen need for a Vietnam trip

The number of Hong Kong citizens coming to Vietnam has been remarkably over the last years. In this post, we would like to point out some basic cost that Hong Kong passport holder need to pay for a trip to Vietnam.

1. Cost for Vietnam Visa

There are currently to ways of applying Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens, in which Visa on Arrival is preferable thanks to its advantages in time and cost. Hong Kong citizens just need to stay at home, fill in an application form and then wait for Visa approval letter. Finally, bring all necessary documents and get your visa stamped at Vietnam international airport you arrive at.

The price will greatly depend on several factors such as length of stay, number of entry, exit date, etc. Please, visit website to check Vietnam visa fee in Hong Kong 2017.

However, this type of application is available for those who travelling by plane. It means if you go by other means of transportation, please find the nearest Embassy to your place and apply for a Vietnam Visa.

2. Accommodation

There are plenty of choices for tourists to live in Vietnam as construction boom makes it easier to find a good place at low price. Normally, it takes you about $6 to $8 for a place equipped with full conveniences. Travelers are advised to make reservation before flying to Vietnam in case you cannot find one when land on the arrival airport. But in terms of bargain, sometimes, tourists can have a better price by asking in person because prices are not fixed here in Vietnam.

3. Transportation

Bus, taxi and motorbike are common vehicle in Vietnam. Price for a bus ticket is about a third a dollar, or you can hire a motorbike at very low price ($5/day) to freely moving around the city. Besides, riding bicycles is also a good service in some destination such as Hanoi, Samson, or Hoi An.

4. Food and beverage

Vietnam is well-known for its diverse and tasty street food as just walking down the street, you can see thousands of eateries with attractive and delicious food with their own ways of cooking and distinctive flavor in only one single day!

Some Vietnamese famous food such as Banh mi, or pho are sold at a reasonable price $1 for the first, and $4-$5 for each bowl of Pho. With around $25, you can easily afford 3 meals a day and try everything new each day.

Vietnamese people also have a routine of drinking beer in the free time at night so tourists can go to some crowed streets near West Lake to enjoy drinking with others to enjoy local life here.

5. Souvenirs

After a trip to another country, tourists probably want something to bring back to your country as a gift. Vietnam offers you several kinds of unique gift such as conical hat, ao dai, Silk, ceramic, etc. The price for each item is not very high, ranging from $3 to $50 so just need a day, wandering along the streets in the Old Quarter, there will be several stores that selling those above items. It is best to check the price among those stores and make a comparison. The price for each item is based on its quality, so think carefully before making payment.

In general, the article has just given an overview on what tourists are going to spend in Vietnam, hopefully, this guide will help to plan your trip very well.