Tips for New Zealanders to visit Vietnam

Before each trip, you should prepare enough items to bring to avoid being embarrassing or unnecessary worries. It’s a good idea to have a list of essential items and check to make sure you do not forget anything. Here are some items the New Zealand visitors should prepare before coming to Vietnam.


Copy and bring the copies of important documents: ID card or passport, visa, air ticket, hotel booking documents or other services. These copies should be put in many different places in the suitcase. In case the main paper is lost, there is still a copy as evidence. If accompanied by children, bring a birth certificate for the child.

Bring in some contact information such as email, address, phone number … of the tour operator, or embassy of New Zealand in Vietnam, in case something happens, you will know where to contact to solve the problem.

Besides, you should have a list of phone numbers, emails or addresses of relatives or important places to contact. Please write on the paper separately, avoid keeping it with the cell phone, in case the phone is lost or out of battery.

When traveling abroad, the passport and visa are indispensable and absolutely not lost in any way.

If you do not have a Vietnam Visa in New Zealand, we will show you how to get it as follow. There are 3 types of Vietnam Visa in New Zealand:

  • Visa on arrival (VOA): It is the best way to get Vietnam Visa in New Zealand because it is very convenient for tourists, especially, the first-time travelers. After 2 working days or sooner, your visa application will be accepted and all thing you need to do is getting visa stamped at Vietnam airport upon arrival by presenting the original passport, photos, entry and exit form and stamping fee in cash. The fee for applying VOA includes 21$ for the service fee (one month single entry tourist visa) and 25$ for the stamping fee (single entry)
  • Vietnam Embassy Visa: This Vietnam Visa in New Zealand will take a lot of time and effort because you have to wait for a long time (5-7 days) until your application is accepted at the office of Vietnam Embassy in New Zealand.
  • E-visa: The validity of this type of Vietnam Visa in New Zealand is short (only 30 days) and the fee will not be refunded (in case your application is not accepted). Details about Vietnam E-visa can be found on:



New Zealand tươi đẹp


Money and credit card

The denominations of money in Vietnam

If traveling abroad, it is important to exchange the currency of the country before departure. In addition, you should carry many denominations of money to spend right at the airport when you need to buy water, food, taxi or send luggage…

At Vietnam airports, there is a transfer service but it usually does not cost as much as when you exchange money at a local bank in New Zealand. Besides, do not forget to bring your credit card as a precaution because when traveling abroad, the credit card is very convenient.

Personal belongings

Personal hygiene items such as lotion, sunscreen, shower gel, cleanser, shampoo, hat, sunglasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, camera, your phone, charger, or battery are essential to your trip. When traveling to Vietnam, do not forget the versatile rechargeable battery charger because each country has a different outlet. At large hotels in Vietnam, you can borrow or rent at the reception desk.

If you have to fly a long flight with a transit stop, you should have a suit in your hand baggage. When your flight is delayed or if you are stuck in an airport or your main suitcase is missing, you still have clean clothes to change.

Some necessary things you should bring

Medicines, medical instruments

Prepare basic drugs such as cold medicine, personal tape, medical oil, abdominal pain medication and common antibiotics to prevent the cold or unexpected accidents in strange places you cannot manage.

Dictionary and travel guidebook

When traveling to Vietnam, a small pocket dictionary will be very helpful for you. If local people are not good at English, you still can exchange and ask for basic things or if you do not have the time to find out where you are going, a travel guide or vehicle book will provide you with useful information before you arrive.

We hope that the above information will be helpful for your trip from New Zealand to Vietnam. If you have any question about Vietnam Visa in New Zealand, please contact us for more information.