Total cost of Vietnam visa on arrival - vietnam visa applied online

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is Cheaper than Vietnam Embassy Visa

Total cost of getting a visa on arrival to Vietnam is maybe higher or lower than cost of obtaining a visa at Vietnam Embassy. But while applying for visa on arrival requires you no travel at all, applying for visa at embassy requires you to travel forth and back from the embassy to submit your application documents as well as to pick up visa, that fact perhaps make total cost of obtaining a full visa at embassy much costly.

How much is a Vietnam embassy visa cost?

Total cost of a visa offered by Vietnam Embassy in Hong Kong or in any other countries is not clearly published. It often is stated as “contact the embassy staff for details visa fees” on website of almost embassies.

How much is cost of Vietnam visa on arrival?

All users of Vietnam visa on arrival need to pay two kinds of fee: Service fee and Stamping fee. There is no hidden fee besides these two.

Service fee is the fee to be paid to the travel agent which is in charge of processing visa approval letter with the Vietnam Immigration Department. It depends on number of applicants included in your group. It means that the more people in your group, the more favorable service fee you may get. In addition, it also depends on time duration you wish to get your visa approval letter (within 2 working days, 1 working day or just in a few hours).

Stamping fee is the fee you are required to pay to the Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport upon your arrival to get visa stamped onto passport. This is a compulsory fee fixed by the Vietnam Ministry of Finance for each kind of visa. It does not depend on number of people in your group or else. It is:

  • US $25 for a single entry visa
  • US $50 for a 2 or 3-month multiple entry visa.

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