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Vietnam Visa for person holding Hong King passport by cruise

All questions above talked about visa issues if traveled by air. What about by cruise (through ocean ship)? I plan to take a cruise departing Hong Kong through a China port to a Vietnam port. Can I apply similar Vietnam visa on arrival like the one taking by air?
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Top 10 Destinations on the Rise in Asia

Tripadvisors – a broad forum for travelers to give their comments about their destinations and also a great source for travelers who are planning a trip to every corner in the world to get information for their decision and preparation, has recently released the list of 10 destinations on the rise in Asia.
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16 greatest cities for food by the UK’s Telegraph

Recently the UK’s Telegraph newspaper has released a list of 16 best cities for food. On the top of this list is Hanoi of Vietnam which has been much mentioned following official visit of US President Barack Obama to Vietnam by late May 2016.
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Best Places to Travel Solo - Voted by You

As said by the UK’s based Roughguides, solo travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there. But where is the best place to travel alone? As said, the last-year list of best places for solo travelers was made by its authors themselves, but this year, the left the voting for travelers. And here is the result.
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Personal data disclosure on Vietnam Visa approval letter

I’m in Hong Kong, and I have a question. If I submit the visa online to you, will you group with other applicants and send a mass email upon the approval letter is ready? I am concerned about my personal data being disclosed in such way.